We Replace Broken Glass

There is nothing as frustrating as broken glass in need of replacement. Every time you look at it the ugliness stands out. If you are within Toronto we have good news for you! You do not have to keep looking at your broken glass again as you can easily replace it. You are probably thinking I can not replace it myself, don't worry about that, we've got you covered. Are you in need of a broken glass replacement? Maybe the broken glass has allowed different insects or rodents into your home. Are you tired of staring at the ugly shattered glass? If yes, we've got you covered. Glass & Windows Repair Guy, Vaughan is specialized in replacing the broken glass with a brand new one and it will look so good you would not even know there has been a replacement.

About Us

We at Glass and windows repair guy Vaughan specialize in any form of window repair whether it is a car window repair, window frame repair, or even a foggy window repair. We work especially on window glass replacement even while maintaining the frame. We are based in Vaughan and can easily be contacted there. We believe in delivering quality service and have an exquisite customer care platform. We are genuinely interested in our customers and whatever issues they may have with their windows. We believe in making use of quality materials in installing new windows in either commercial or residential settings. We are a customer centered business treating them with the importance they deserve. We offer our services at a minimal cost.

Our Services

Glass & Windows Repair Guy, Vaughan provides various services when dealing with various window and glass fixing. We handle vinyl window service, frame rehabilitation, window repair, foggy glass repair, window installation, window locks repair, window hinges repair, window cranks repair, and so on. Our services for Broken glass replacement includes:

  • Inspection of the damage: We would inspect the damage done to the glass, noting if the frame was also damaged when the glass broke. We would consider the area that was damaged and the extent of the damage done to the glass.

  • We would draw up a quotation based on the information gained from our inspection. The quotation would include the price for the materials used and our service charge. This is presented to the client and upon reaching an agreement we would begin work.

  • We would remove the broken pieces of glass especially those still sticking to the frame and dispose of them.

  • We would begin work on installing the glass to replace the one removed. Workers would be assigned to do this. Our workers are professional and are skilled. They are trained to be client-friendly and promptly deliver. They are good at what they do.

  • We provide a warranty for our clients so that they may make complaints within the stipulated time if they are not satisfied with our service. There are two instances where they may make complaints, this is if we deliver late or if our work is damaged. It should be noted that damage by external forces is not covered by the warranty.

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