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Have you heard of our window caulking service available in Vaughan, ON? Window caulking and sealing involves a means of making your windows airtight. It prevents the entrance of moisture or air leaks. It also protects against extreme temperatures either high or low. This in turn reduces the utility cost and saves energy. Window Caulking and sealing services include indoor caulking, outdoor caulking, and fixing of broken window seals. All of these services are provided by our company. Window caulking and sealing your windows to be energy efficient and in turn save you cost. Why not pay the price of effective window caulking and sealing and avoid the cost of excessive energy consumption. Glass & Windows Repair Guy Vaughan is the company to contact whenever you need a window caulking and sealing service.

About Us

Glass & Windows Repair Guy Vaughan is a group that works on anything relating to glass and windows. They provide services in installing windows or glass and replacing faulty parts of windows. We have a set of employees handling our activities. We are easily contacted to carry out any of our services. Our company values include integrity, hard work, proper client care, and diligence. Our employees are trained in company values and are skilled in working on glass and windows. We are professional and would not cause damages to any work we handle.

Our Service

Glass & Windows Repair Guy, Vaughan provides various services when dealing with various window and glass repair or installation. We handle vinyl glass installation, frame rehabilitation, window repair, foggy glass repair, window installation, and so on. Our Window caulking and sealing service includes the following

  • Inspection of the windows in need of caulking and sealing services. We inspect the windows in need of this service and their location in the home. Their location may affect the types of caulk used on them. Therefore, the inspection is important. After inspecting the windows the observations made are shared with the client. This is to give the client an idea of the next step to take. This is done at absolutely no cost.

  • Next we would draw a quotation including the costs of the materials and equipment used in the window caulking and sealing service and the company service charge. The quotation is presented to the client who decides to accept or decline it.

  • We would begin the caulking and sealing once the signifies his air her approval of the quotation. Our workers would be deployed to the location to start work. In performing this service they make use of a caulking gun. There are various factors affecting caulking. If the caulking is interior then the caulk used is not necessarily very strong. Preferably, caulk such as Acrylic latex caulk may be used. However, if the window is located somewhere like a kitchen a temperature-resistant caulk like Silicone caulk should be used. For the exterior part of the house, a strong caulk should be used. If the service provided is to fix a broken seal the first step would be to remove the broken seal before adding a new seal.

  • We provide a warranty which allows clients who are not satisfied with our service to make complaints. These complaints may be about the time or quality of service. The company would address these complaints.

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Why Choose Us?

Different companies are offering window caulking and sealing service so you may wonder why you should pick our company particularly. Here are some reasons why we should be your choice.

We make use of quality materials in our window caulking and sealing service.

We work in both commercial and residential environments.

We make use of top-notch equipment in your window caulking and sealing service.

We have a warranty giving our clients recourse in case they are unsatisfied with our service.

We value each customer and maintain a policy for treating them with great regard.

We can be easily contacted for our services.

We maintain a neat work environment.

The cost of our window caulking and sealing service is affordable.

We give a free inspection and recommendation service to all our clients.

Glass & Windows Repair Guy Vaughan is available for your different caulking and sealing services. Contact us today!

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