Window Cranks Repair Vaughan, ON

One way to know your window crank needs repair is when it just spins when it is turned or it refuses to pull in the sash far enough to engage the lock. Does your window crank need repair in Vaughan? If yes, contact us at Window and Glass Repair Guy Vaughan for your window crank repair. It's better to have it fixed as soon as possible. We provide services for all forms of window repair or even restoration. We will repair your window crank in record time and at a minimal cost. All you need to do is contact us and request help.

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About Us.

Glass & Windows Repair Guy Vaughan is established to make the life of persons easier. It prevents them from having to handle their glass and window issues on their own with the possibility of causing more damage even as they try to do it themselves. With our services, clients can sit back and work on other things as we handle whatever issues they have with our group of trained workers knowing that their work would be done well. We have a team of workers who handle the various works we have. They are trained in all fields related to glass or windows. We have good customer service attending to the clients every need and complaints.

Our Service

Glass & Windows Repair Guy, Vaughan provides various services when dealing with various window and glass repair or installation. We handle vinyl glass installation, frame rehabilitation, window repair, foggy glass repair, window installation, and so on. Our services relating to window crank repair include


Damage Assessment

We inspect the faulty window cranks and the window generally. We inspect the extent of damage done to the window crank and the examination of the window generally to see if it had any other day. If the teeth in the crank are worn we only need to replace the teeth but if the splines are missing or worn then the whole crank would have to be replaced. Whatever is observed would be reported to the client and we would make recommendations on what to do. This is done at zero cost to the client.



We draft a quotation stating the total amount the client is to pay. It covers the cost of the materials used in repairing the window crank and the company service charge. This is presented to the client who accepts or declines after seeing the quotation.



Once the client receives the go-ahead workers are deployed to the client's building. They are skilled, hard-working, and diligent workers. The attachment screw on the crank is removed first and the solids are inspected. If the teeth in the crank are worn we only need to replace the teeth but if the splines are missing or worn then the whole crank would have to be replaced. They work on this and fix whatever issues the crank has. This is done carefully to prevent damage to the other parts of the window.


Emergency Fix

We also offer same-day fix and emergency repairs to your casement style window cranks.



A warranty is granted to our clients in case they are not satisfied with our service. This may be in terms of the time of delivery or the window crank repair. If the window crank shortly after being fixed develops a fault that is not due to external forces then the client may bring complaints to the company. Complaints must be brought within the agreed time or they would not be valid.


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